7 Beach Activities For The Whole Family


As the summer season approaches, many will be making plans to escape from the city and head to the beach. Some will prefer a small and secluded beach, one with golden sands and tranquil water, while others will be seeking out those waterfronts with assured breaks ideal for surfing. Many, however, will want to find a sandy spot that allows both adults and children to enjoy themselves, preferably with an activity to keep everyone entertained. Thankfully, there is a great deal of crossover between the interests of adults and children, which is why these seven beach activities are an ideal choice for those wanting to enjoy their summer vacation.


A classic beach activity, volleyball can be enjoyed by all ages. For those who don’t have enough players to form suitable teams, it’s also a great activity to connect with friends and other families enjoying the beach too. While having one’s own net is useful, many beaches will offer their own, so be sure to plan ahead.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Getting out on the water with a stand-up paddleboard is something every family member can enjoy, since this watersport is welcoming to those of all ages and physical abilities. For families with young children, there are even family-sized SUP options available that will allow every member of the family to paddle together.

Metal Detecting

While younger children might be happy hunting shelves, teenagers sometimes need the allure of treasure to keep them excited. This is where metal detecting can come in handy. With detecting equipment becoming more effective and more affordable, families can enjoy scouring beaches for hours easily, all with the hopes of uncovering something special.

Kite Flying

While the weather needs to be accommodating, it’s rare for an Australian beach to be without a suitable breeze for kite flying. The whole family can enjoy this safe and fun activity and those with individual kites can even hold competitions to see who can outmaneuver others.

Rock Pooling & Foraging

Whether scouring the rock pools or collecting fresh seaweed, beach hunting is a great way for children and adults to be entertained alike, as well as helping families to explore both new and familiar areas. Additionally, aside from the fun of discovery, getting this close to nature can also be a great learning experience.


A beach activity can be as simple as dining outdoors. For some, this could be an early escape to a quiet beach for coffee and waffles. For others, it can be bringing fast food to the sands for an evening together as the sun goes down.

The coastal destinations provide a sublime setting for picnics during Tanzania Family Safaris. Set against the backdrop of turquoise waters and pristine beaches, savouring a picnic feast offers a unique opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty and local culture of Tanzania’s coastal regions. Plus, this will all be while sharing quality time with your family.


The comfort of the sand means that leaping for a far-flung disc is not only possible but brilliant fun too. Frisbee is an activity that the whole family can enjoy, even if there’s only two individuals who want to play at any time. Just be sure to set aside a large space for running so as not to disturb other potential beach-goers.

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