The 5 Best Beaches in Bali

Beaches in Bali

Since the 1970s, there is an island in Indonesia that continues to attract tourists. Thanks to its white beaches, its pristine paradises, its natural beauty : this is Bali. If you are wondering what to see in Bali, know that it is also a surprising place for its history and its attractions. There are spaces to relax, others to dive and be surprised by the wonders of the seabed.

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The Bukit Peninsula will be your gateway to wonder. You will be surrounded by barren and less dense vegetation than in other regions. Padang Padang is one of Bali’s most famous surf beaches , but its qualities are also evident in its golden sands and crystal clear waters, as well as its sandy seabed.

Always pay attention to currents , which can play tricks on you. To access the beach, you will need to climb a flight of stairs and pass a temple. You’ll also find stalls selling everything from fruit to local crafts to handmade bracelets. In some cases, you can even snack on freshly caught seafood.

The beach of Keramas

As the name suggests, we are on a beach in Keramas village, which is in the eastern part of Denpasar city . Distinctive signs? Magnificent, starting with the particular black sand . This area has also become the home of surfers, thanks to the strong wind and the constant presence of waves. The best time to go, as windsurfing enthusiasts know , is during the rainy season. Those who don’t exercise needn’t worry. You will find a way and a space to rest and enjoy the sun with your friends.

Jimbaran Beach

They say you have to take a break from the chaos once in a while. Many people have to leave sparkling Kuta, to take a look at this fishing village , where time seems to stand still. You can taste the local specialties , get in touch with the inhabitants, enjoy the cafes on the seafront in an unparalleled play of light.

The highlight is Jimbaran Beach, where you can be pampered by the waves and spend a relaxing day until sunset , when you see the small boats of the returning fishermen. At sunset, the beach often comes alive with the presence of music. Jimbaran is full of attractions and is a convenient place to visit Bali.

Seminyak Beach

You will find a place very well equipped for tourists. Hotels, restaurants, clubs: you will be spoiled for choice. You will find a village where you can carve out moments of tranquility. Seminyak beach also offers all the comforts, starting with the possibility of renting deck chairs, deckchairs, kayaks. The beach, which is quite extensive, offers the possibility of taking long walks . Seminyak is ideal for surfers , given the strong currents and wind-driven waves.

Dreamland beach

In the name, there is a reference to a place of dreams, and it is to the pure truth . This pearl was discovered by surfers, located south of the Burkit Peninsula. Close your eyes and imagine a stretch of white sand, framed by cliffs overlooking the rugged coastline.

The beach has been affected by works that have transformed 400 hectares of land into two seaside resorts. Visitors to this beach are also very satisfied with the services that are nearby. The neighborhood is very popular, especially with young people, as it is an area full of clubs and discos .

Bingin Beach

It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the island . The comments of those who have been there show all the enthusiasm of a place where you are conquered by the coral reefs and where you can swim without being disturbed, especially on the left side. The main characteristic of Bingin is the ability to maintain a rustic and wild soul in a tourist context, which offers very popular bars, hotels and clubs . You won’t find umbrellas or loungers, but it won’t be so bad to sit on the rocks and watch the shades of the sea change from green to blue

In this region you can breathe mysticism, beauty and magic . We have already talked about the famous temple of Uluwatu, but the beach is something unique . Maybe it’s because of the rocks that drop steeply into the sea, the steps that lead to the waves, even through the caves. Here, the waves break into rocks and narrow tunnels. And, in fact, this is not a place for families or children, but for experienced surfers . There are also small beaches in the area where you can stop and rest.

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