The top 5 destinations for a spiritual journey

spiritual journey

In recent years, personal development has been booming . The desire to refocus on essential things, to heal from one’s ailments or to get to know oneself better is part of these needs to feel better. To do this, many people go to explore their inner self to the four corners of the world. Meditation, yoga, relaxation or shamanic rituals, there are many solutions to find inner peace. Let ‘s discover the top 5 destinations for a spiritual journey that will change your life.

1. India: an essential destination for a spiritual journey

When we think of a spiritual journey, we immediately think of India . And for good reason, it is THE country par excellence to go for a domestic journey . Spirituality is omnipresent in India, it is a real way of life. Between the different religions, the existence of countless places of worship, sacred cities and land of exile of the Dalai Lama, it is not surprising that travelers from all  And to enjoy at the same time exceptional settings and an authentic atmosphere.

The Ganges valley is full of sacred cities like Rishikesh, Benares or Bodhgaya. In the north of the country, Amristar or Dharamsala – city of exile of the Dalai Lama – or the hill of Shatrunjaya and the province of Kerala on the west coast, welcome you for your future trip. In an ashram or in a yoga school, you will alternate sessions of meditation and yoga . You can also opt for an Ayurvedic stay , this traditional medicine that combines massages, dietetic food, meditation, breathing and yoga.

2. Bali, between nature and spirituality

Another favorite destination for a spiritual journey, Bali in Indonesia . Here, nature and spirituality go hand in hand. There are many meditation centers all over the island, but Ubud is the most popular city for a stay focused on personal development . In the heart of magnificent rice fields, take a journey rich in meaning, punctuated by meditation, yoga, massages and cooking. Yes, food is very important for a healthy body and mind. Meet shamans and healers, discover the temples and sacred places then go to the monkey forest to reconnect with nature and therefore with the essentials.

The sumptuous landscapes of Bali are conducive to dropping out, by which we mean, completely letting go of your habits. These same landscapes will also allow you to practice the art of contemplation. What could be more inspiring and rejuvenating than this green environment where life flows peacefully?

3. Take a spiritual trip to Mongolia

There is indeed a country that returns very little, if ever, in the destinations for a spiritual journey. This is Mongolia . However, shamanism, one of the oldest forms of spirituality that exists, is very present in Mongolia. There, you will live with a shaman, meditate and take part in rituals to find your inner harmony . In the heart of immense steppes, forests, deserts or lakes, set off on a rich and intense inner journey.

Besides that, you will live an extraordinary experience by sharing the daily life of nomadic tribes and discovering their legendary hospitality. A trip therefore focused on personal and human development.

4. Peru to soak up the energy of the Sacred Valley of the Incas

The Asian continent is not the only one where spirituality holds an important place. In South America, Peru is a perfect destination for a spiritual journey . To do this, head to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in the heart of the Andes, where shamanic traditions are still present. Remember that the Incas lived in perfect connection with Mother Earth, the Pachamama, and the energy that emerges from this place is particularly strong. This trip therefore gives you the opportunity to soak up all this energy to free yourself from your ailments and bring about an inner change.

This experience is with shamans that you can live it. The latter continue to have a very important role in the country because they are both guides and healers. At their side, you will participate in meditation sessions and energy purification rituals , especially in sacred places to connect directly to Mother Earth.

5. How about a spiritual trip to Morocco in the heart of the Sahara?

It’s not just green landscapes that are conducive to personal reflection. It is quite possible to recharge your batteries in the middle of the desert. This gigantic expanse of sand and the silence that reigns there are indeed the door open to a complete reconnection with one’s inner self . A few hours by plane from France, Morocco allows you to enter the largest sand desert in the world: the Sahara. The tranquility that emanates there is perfect for meditating, doing a real introspection on yourself and finding inner peace.

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