Family Camping – 4 Tips!

Camping - 4 Tips!

We each have our own parenting survival strategies, carefully structured around a well-crafted routine, so how do we adapt with a camper van? How will your kids be able to sleep without their usual 6:30 p.m. bath, familiar beds, books, and chime? Quite often opting for the comforts of a hotel or Airbnb, with rooms, doors and screens as nannies, where you can easily pack up your routines and adapt them to another building, seems like the easier option. .

I have been restoring vans with my partner Loyd VW vintage and modern T6 for almost 20 years. We also had the chance to experience many family road trips with our two daughters. Even though they have now gone from babies to teenagers, we still love the feeling of packing our little pack in our little house on wheels and heading off to familiar places or discovering new pastures.

There is an underestimated freedom that comes back when you break the routine. Life in a camper van also offers a great opportunity to bond with your family by doing practical yet simple tasks. At the end of a calm but exhilarating day, there is real joy and ease in lying together in a cozy little space. Children and babies seem to sleep very well in our motorhomes , close to each other. As adults, we are happy to be removed from our hyper-connected daily lives, allowing us to truly be with our families and live in the moment.

1. Travel light

Our vans are very well equipped. We provide everything you will need for a comfortable stay including cutlery, glasses, plates, bowls, bedding…and much more. You’ll need a lot less than you think when you’re on the road, and having little luggage helps living in those compact spaces. Bags can be stored under the beds in T6 Atlantic vans. Soft bags are much more practical than rigid suitcases. We can keep bulky items such as pushchairs in our office to ensure your experience is comfortable and hassle free.

2. Sleeping

All our family vans are equipped with 2 double beds (one below and one above). Behind the rear bench seat you will find a safe and comfortable space for the little ones, ideal for taking an afternoon nap leaving the main living area functional. With vintage vans, life slows down with soft, colorful interiors that create a comfortable experience for young families. Our T6 Siesta Atlantic vans allow you to add an optional bed for a member of the family, with an additional bunk bed for your little one.

3. Family dinner

We provide a table that can fit inside, but you’ll be more likely to dine outside. If you sit your little ones on the edge of the sliding door, with your table next to them, they will be at the perfect, safe and stable height to dine with you. They also won’t be able to escape before the meal is over! We can also provide high chairs for younger adventurers. If you choose to cook in the van, check out these delicious vegetarian recipes .

4. Parking

All of our VW T6 and T2 camper vans are low enough to allow you to enter height restriction areas including some beach car parks and supermarkets. You can park where you want without having to carry all your beach stuff too far. Only compact vans like ours will allow you to easily maneuver, allowing you to explore the narrow streets of quaint little towns, and easily navigate the one-way roads that lead to secluded beaches.

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